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We’re On Patreon

Hi Everyone!

AJ from Lock and Stock Photos here.

I started Lock and Stock Photos as a fun hobby to keep my photography chops up, and have loved the response from people visiting around the globe and to be listed alongside amazing sites like Unsplash and New Old Stock!

Why support Lock and Stock photos? I am looking for help with the simple things in running this site: gas for travelling to a shoot, hosting costs, time to recruit other photographers around the globe that I’ve connected with, props for the studio, and some other odds and ends.

What do you get in return?

  • Polls for content and future shoots for Patreon supporters.
  • An exclusive newsletter with photos that are only for Patreon supporters.
  • Live Google Hangouts as a community.
  • Stickers printed just for you.
  • And other surprises that will come your way.

Here’s the breakdown of support.


You’re officially a patron and part of the Lock & Stock Photos Community. You’ll get photos exclusive to the Patreon feed for download every other week that will never be on the Lock & Stock Photos website.


You’ll get the exclusive photos from the Patreon feed here, as well as a pack of stickers that we made to show off your awesome support!


You get the exclusive photos, stickers, and I’ll mail you a mug for your morning coffee that is only available for Patreon supporters. Coffee never tasted so good! Tea as well for those of you who don’t drink coffee. There’s love for all!
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